Ant Control Methods That Reduce The Use of Pesticides
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Ant Control Methods That Reduce The Use of Pesticides


To stop ants from getting into your home, it's best to keep them out in the first place. We use an approach called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is a fancy term in the pest control industry for "using methods to control pests that reduce the need to use chemicals". With IPM, we use methods like sealing entry points to keep ants out and getting rid of things in and around your home that might attract them. By following these tips, you can control ants with minimal pesticides.

Ways to Keep Ants Away

Fill And Seal The Small Openings

One way to stop ants from getting inside is to close all the small holes where they can enter. Check around your home and look for small openings around windows, doors, and the bottom of the house and block those holes. You can fill small holes and gaps with this special material called caulk to close these small holes, so ants can't come in.

Keeping Trees and Vines Trimmed

Ants can use trees and vines as pathways to get into your home, so it's important to make sure that tree branches and vines don't touch the roof or walls of your house. Regularly check and trim any plants that could give ants a way to get inside.

Establish a Barrier Around Your Home

Creating a plant-free zone around your home can also help keep ants from making nests and getting into your house. This keeps ants from nesting close by, as well as makes ant trails easy to see in the event, they are making it into the home. Make sure to keep a clear space about two feet wide around your home without any plants or tall grass. It's best to have bare ground in this space, but you can also use mulch or gravel. Just make sure not to water this area because ants might build their nests there if it's damp.

Get Those Potted Plants On Raisers

Having potted plants on the ground can attract ants. To prevent this, you can raise the pots off the ground with little stands. This allows the water to drain properly and makes it harder for ants to make nests in or under the pots.

If Your Pipes Are Leaking, It's Time To Fix Them

Water attracts ants, so it's important to get rid of any water by fixing any leaks in your house. One common leak that people forget about is when the water tap drips. If it doesn't turn off completely or it's leaking, it's time to replace it.

Avoid Soaking Your Yard

Make sure not to give your plants or grass too much water. Water them evenly and only when they really need it. Also, check that the ground around your home and make sure water flows away and drains properly. Doing these things will help stop ants from wanting to live on your property.

Remove Food That Attracts Ants

  • Ensure to not leave pet food unattended and store it in sealed containers.
  • Regularly sweep and vacuum to eliminate food crumbs.
  • Clean counters and dining areas to eradicate food residue.
  • Dispose of the garbage regularly.


To keep ants out of your home, you can use methods that don't involve chemicals. These include sealing cracks, cutting back plants, creating barriers without plants, keeping potted plants off the ground, fixing leaks, watering plants correctly, managing pet food, and keeping your home clean. These methods not only stop ants from getting inside but also make your home less appealing to them. By following these suggestions, you can have a home without pests that doesn't need a lot of pesticides. If the ants have become overwhelming, give Sandhoff Services a call!

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